Month: February 2016

Foodies Get It! Human-Centric Design NOT Just for Trendy Startups

New year brings confirmation of design philosophy

Well the new year has come and gone and it’s already February. As we all have now saddled up for the year ahead I was reflecting on a piece in the National Post that I shared on social media just after 2016 had arrived and felt it deserved a further mention in this year’s first newsletter. If you didn’t see the piece it’s still available online.


Who is rethinking the entire office?

The main point of the article is that everyone should be rethinking workspace. Wellness, happiness and attention to the ‘human beings’ that we employ as a prioritized driver of success is gradually gaining traction outside of Google and the startup communities. It’s pretty refreshing having been preaching this philosophy for so many years and we’re seeing a change in focus in not just the expansion of our clientele but the diversity of our clientele which is just amazing.

Loblaws and Skjodt Barrett Foods


We were not involved with the Loblaws build out of space that is the focus of the National Post article but we have a very similar story to tell with the food architects at Skjodt Barrett. This is a company that consolidated 6 separate locations into a 25,000 square foot centralized office environment that physically fronts a massive production facility in Brampton, Ontario. Our proudest contribution to the design is pictured here and shows the wonderfully bright and inspiring social gathering place and eating facilities for the production staff. Surrounded by natural light, LED spots and the company’s “WHY” staff are invited to feel good about themselves and their work. Dan Skjodt, the CEO of this food production company gets it and he invested in the natural light (not an easy feat in the production space) and the well being of his staff. Based on our experience and our own data, the employee satisfaction ratings and productivity increases mentioned in the linked NP article this new year are bang on. It’s a win-win! … and so fulfilling when happiness in the workplace “arbejdsglaede” and success go hand-in-hand.