National Ballet of Canada Testimonial

Not long ago we completed a really challenging project for the National Ballet of Canada and we’re always excited when our efforts are recognized by the client. Working with the Ballet and the pride and history of their organization was such an amazing privilege. It was a very creative and collaborative process that allowed us to update the office space within very limited time and budget restrictions. The transformation was important for the organization to re-energize the spirit and pride of the brand within the space while holding dear the traditions and history that are the foundation of their existence. We and the client were very happy with the result!

Watch for more on our website but for now here’s what the National Ballet of Canada had to say and check out the photos of their newly renovated space.

“We engaged the services of Mette Designs almost an entire year before we were really ready to begin our renovation project and immediately found Mette’s approach to be open, inspiring and inclusive. She surveyed both our senior and administrative staff to find out what the pressing needs were and then carefully crafted design ideas that built on those challenges. When we were finally able to commit both the time and money to the project we found ourselves in an extremely tight timeline (3 weeks!) to demolish existing structures, add brand new flooring, build a kitchen and additional bathroom, and install new work stations and furniture in some existing offices. Not only did we meet that time line, the end result is incredible!  From the energizing colour choices, to the well planned layout, to the final touches that brings the space together. The staff moved into the their new places with virtually no issues and love the brighter, happier, more social atmosphere it has created. I can’t thank Mette enough. We were working with a very restrictive budget and Mette went above and beyond. It was a pleasure to work with her and her team and I would recommend Mette Designs to anyone looking to revamp their work space.”


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