Challenges and Goals

Skjodt-Barrett were merging six locations into a single Brampton plant. The new space is a large industrial complex with two attached areas – administrative offices and a production plant, each one with its own canteen. The company’s CEO wanted to make new headquarters an enjoyable and healthy place to work for everyone in the firm, including office and plant staff.

Solution and Results

We used the company’s motto – “Architects of Great Food” – as the starting point for the design. Food is emphasized with the large-scale photo murals depicting various fruits – in the lobby, in boardrooms, meeting rooms, and in both canteens. When a visitor enters the building, the nature of Skjodt-Barret’s business is immediately obvious.

We introduced fresh accent colors in work spaces, collaboration areas, and in washrooms.

Special attention was paid to the canteens. The plant canteen was originally designed as a small windowless room with fluorescent lighting. Luckily, owners Dan and Ruanne appreciated the importance of offering the plant workers a space where they could have a relaxing break. We added windows to the plant lunch room, changed the lighting to warm LED light bulbs, added stimulating, active colors in furnishings and wall décor.

Both canteens turned out to be warm, relaxing places. Staff can spend their lunch in a pleasant atmosphere and return to work refreshed.

Brampton, Ontario
Food Manufacturing
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