Challenges and Goals

VarageSale approached Mette Designs at the time of lease signing for their new office, which presented two major challenges: 1) the space was already approved and we weren’t able to provide input on its structure and aesthetics; 2) with little time to plan, we had to design and build at a very fast pace to allow the client to move in as soon as possible.

Inspired by our work at Wattpad, VarageSale tasked us with creating a similarly bright, warm, and stimulating feel in their new office.

Solution and Results

Mette Designs took on the entire “design / build” project: from fast-tracking the city permits, providing “on the fly” high quality drafts and final creative designs, to purchasing and installation of the finishes, furnishings, and artistic decor.

A stark and bare concrete box was converted into a fun and welcoming place, offering a competitive environment to top programming talent.

The design is centered around VarageSale’s communities, honoring over a dozen international locations.

Insulation and sound-proofing materials were used throughout to reduce acoustical issues inherent in an open space with concrete walls. Audio-visual equipment is seamlessly integrated making all common areas flexible enough to use for work, dining, creative breaks, and conferences.

The project was completed in phases to address VarageSale’s space crunch predicament and reducing the typical move-in time by months.

Toronto, Canada
Internet Application Developer
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