Challenges and Goals

We initially connected with Wattpad in 2012 as they were planning growth. They had plans to expand their team again and hiring was already underway, compressing the design and build timelines.

It was important to maintain the creative nature and entrepreneurial spirit that is the core of Wattpad’s culture. One specific request was for a central gathering area – a challenge, considering that the new office is spread out over two floors.

Solution and Results

We were brought in early enough to get involved in the search for the right location. Structural composition of the building, the surrounding area, the entrances – all play a part in how the culture is reflected in the physical space. Our involvement at this project stage consistently leads to better results.

We jointly settled on a two-storey brick building in the St. Lawrence Market area and thanks to the two-storey setup, we were able to complete the project in phases, resolving the timeline constraints.

Wattpad’s culture is emphasized throughout. Prominent highlights include the bright graffiti at the public entrance, custom-designed lamp with book cover images on the shade, and a large wooden story tree in the kitchen. We had commissioned this installation artwork from a local artist; it is the centerpiece and an important feature encapsulating Wattpad’s culture and philosophy.

Open glassed stairwells make transition between floors active and seamless and the stair landing of a steel girder loft doubles as a stage for ‘All hands’ events. And since inspiration can strike anywhere, we covered all the walls with Idea Paint so brainstorming can take place anywhere.

Toronto, Canada
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